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03:44 am: better
Blue~You are the blue angel. You are creative,
spiritual and wise. Your soul emplys eternity
meaning your soul will last forever. You are a
wise beyond your years and know so much that
others do not. You yourself do not realise just
how wise you are. You make a great deal of
difference to people's lives. Your colour
represents the sky and water. You could be the
angel of either of these. You are a very
calming person that people can easily relate to
you and feel comfortable around but when you
get angry (which takes a great deal of hard
work to accomplish) you give off an auror of
security and authority that people tremble
under. Your innocent face hides the fact you
can take control of any situation and have a
strong head on your shoulders. People should
know better than to challenge your great mind
and strength of soul. Which is unbeatable. Your
personality is quite neutral and you are
versatile and can fit in with your surroundings
making you easy to befriend and get to know.

Your angel wings are large and white, ending
at the tips with purple that shimmers like the
stars. Like your mind it is very beautiful and
You are extremely creative and can be found
writing, drawing, reading anything artistic and
creative. You usually like to wear clothes that
flow and wrap around you, comfortable but
elegant and usually of different shades of blue
and made from long and light materials.

Your angelic soul can be found in the
disney film of cinderella which represents
imagination, creativity, artistic talent,
literature, education, cleverness, elegance and
the stars.

What colour Angel are you?
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Date:August 5th, 2005 08:03 am (UTC)
:) sounds like you hunni (hugs)xx
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